September 28, 2021

References and Tolerances


  • ICC Profiles (CMYK, ECG or/and RGB)
  • OK Scheet

Tolerances sets

  • common, predefined
  • custom

In Print Inspector there is a tab called Tolerances. The user can use any predefined Tolerance set to edit it or create an edited duplicate. Tolerance set consist of several sections:

  • Substrate
  • Process
  • Spot
  • TVI
  • All patches
  • Outer Gamut
  • Ink GPS
  • ISO gray balance
  • G7
  • Variation
  • Solid Tints variations
  • Press Specific  
  • Dataset related (checking if data covers specific dataset)


Spot Color tolerances

Custom . multilayer tolerances available as custom sample/based definition in Color Library or Color Palette 



How system prioritize different sources of reference data/tolerances

ChromaChecker system offers the existence of different sources of the same type of data. It is important to understand the hierarchy to get control of it.

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