September 24, 2021


Reporting is one of the key ChromaChecker benefits to the organization. While many other color measurement programs provide the reporting to one person, ChromaChecker can create custom reports for every top manager, middle manager and every operator reporting to them on the print devices that they are responsible. 

Any company wanting to migrate to lean manufacturing entails implementing continuous improver programs for the employees which entails consistent feedback on how each employee is performing against the companies lean manufacturing goals. ChromaChecker Report provides weekly reports to every individual responsible for print manufacturing. It provides new perspectives to the employees helping them understand the big picture and their role for improving the companies performance.

*** Add Sample All Company report for top management

The ability for management to get weekly reports informing them on how well each production device is performing is invaluable in terms communicating if each device is making money or losing money. If a device is not performing well, a deep look at the data can determine if the problem is operator specific (potential training opportunity) or printer specific (manufacturer maintenance) in order to get the device back in a profitable condition.

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Notice, that Dayton plant manager only sees how their facility is performing compared to the company average, they do not see the details of the other facilities. Also, notice how the report stack ranks the printers performance from good to bad, against the plant average allowing them to focus on the worst printers, and work at improving their performance to bring up the plant average.

Business location and management location is not important since the data is uploaded to the ChromaChecker cloud, all responsible parties have direct access to how any printer under their responsibility is performing at any time. 

*** Add report for quality manager: Line graph

Notice this report shows how each printing device performed over the last week, so if a printer started failing conformance, it can be addressed as quick as possible to improve the facilities performance.

Even though ChromaChecker creates real time reports for the operators for every measurement, sometimes operators do not pay enough attention to the report in order to fix the printer should the report state the device is failing conformance. 



*** Add Operator report

Notice this report shows how the operator performed against other operators in the organization of like devices. This helps operators see how they are performing in the organization as a whole and helps them understand if they need to get more training and improve their performance to help the company. 



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