March 24, 2022

Tracking Brand Colors

Tracking Brand Colors

ChromaChecker Print Inspector allows you to track the reproduction of critical corporate colors. Our tools allow you to define a color library. Another tool creates a Control Strip with colors defined in the library. Assignment to the measuring instrument creates a Measurement Template which in the next step becomes a Measurement Task. Dedicated Track along with the assigned Operator makes the ChromaChecker Capture software recognize the measurements tasks assigned to the Operator by limiting the list of choices to a minimum. The measurements made with the measuring instrument can be harmonized to obtain greater measurement accuracy.

Color Inspector offers additional features that increase productivity and facilitate work. Once configured, the system requires little skill from the operator providing very simple data collection for analysis of reproduction quality.




  • How to save a PDF file for use in the Named Color workflow with ChromaChecker. ChromaChecker is able to create custom lookup tables using device ICC output profiles. These tables are used to convert LAB values for each individual press to achieve the best match for critical spot color workflows.

  • The Virtual Control STrip allows you to define placeholder patches for spot colors. This allows you to have one control strip for indefinite named spot colors that get selected press side based on the spot color running for the job. If not spot color, it represents a blank substrate patch.

  • The Spot Color Exercise is an interactive way to communicate how Spot Colors will print and determine the Delta E difference that is acceptable. The exercise is an instruction and a practical tool for designers, print buyers, and sales for communicating color.

  • This tutorial shows how Chromachecker Capture scans control strips that include spot colors as part of your overall color quality control program.

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