October 31, 2023

Training Overview

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ChromaChecker University Executive Overview

ChromaChecker University is designed for organizations that are implementing Color Conformance as part of a Print Manufacturing initiative. It answers the question:

“How do I transform an organization from a break-fix mentality to one that is proactive”?

ChromaChecker University directly addresses Color Conformance and Print Manufacturing providing an organization with skills targeted at productivity, profitability, and growth for the organization and individual.

The ChromaChecker University addresses training needs for all levels in the organization including operators, color experts, and management.  ChromaChecker University is designed with the success of the individual in mind. Our goal is to provide tailored course work to motivate adult learners and provide the knowledge necessary to have a  Color Conformance and Print Manufacturing environment.


To accelerate the success of the Color Conformance Platform, each organization is assigned a ChromaChecker Coach who guides the learning process to ensure a collaborative and scalable implementation. Roles are identified along with critical responsibilities for all areas that affect color quality and productivity, including leadership.

ChromaChecker Career Paths are aligned with individual roles within the production process. ChromaChecker Career Paths include:

  • Print Buyer
  • Color Champion
  • Top Management
  • Operational Management
  • Sales Representatives
  • Offset Press Operator
  • Large Format Operator
  • Digital Press Operator


ChromaChecker knowledge areas extend beyond the product functionality and provide individuals with the required Color Science, Color Conformance, Print Manufacturing, Business Analysis, and Product knowledge required to establish a knowledge foundation that can be realized in the productivity of the environment. These knowledge areas include:

  1. General Knowledge-1000
  2. Color Conformance Series – 2000
  3. Print Manufacturing Series – 3000
  4. Operational Series – 4000
  5. Analysis Series – 5000


ChromaChecker University recognizes that the success of a Color Conformance and Print Manufacturing environment relies on leadership at all levels within an organization.

The assigned ChromaChecker Coach works with the organization’s leadership to ensure that the training program is directly aligned with organizational goals. Leadership at all levels within the organization is empowered using Train-the-Training principles encouraging department development on an ongoing basis.

The E-Learning system allows for training material to be deployed along with progress monitoring empowering management of resources.

Course Design

The course design is based on learning outcomes for adults and their productivity, profitability, and growth. Made up of theory and practical lessons to help an individual be successful in their role within the production process. This approach highlights the importance of each, their career growth, and their value to the organization.

Courses help individuals recognize their value within the Print Production process and guide them to take responsibility for excellence defined by their role. Organizations benefit from this approach as staff will achieve the required skills for success with Color Conformance and Print Production and in turn, produce consistent, quality work.


Behavioral Objectives

Objectives are defined to establish measurable outcomes. Whenever possible lessons include hands-on activity that extends outside the E-Learning system and guided by your ChromaChecker Coach.

Students are required to complete examinations. Additional assignments are completed and graded by the ChromaChecker Coach. The program progresses at the pace of the individual while ensuring each level is performed before progressing.


Importance of the Coach

ChromaChecker Coaches are assigned to guide an organization throughout the implementation process. Training allows an organization to gauge the level of staffing and provide resources to help an organization successfully transition to a Color Conformance and Print Manufacturing environment.

To fully realize the capabilities of ChromaChecker, the coach supports the leadership within the organization and guides the planning for overall implementation. With the pace of change and functionality enhancements enabled by a cloud-based system, the coach keeps your organization targeted at the functionality that directly addresses your organizational goals.

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