April 14, 2022

Video Tutorials


  • This tutorial is to show how to configure ChromaChecker for Getting Started with a new account after registration.

  • This tutorial shows you how easy it is to measure color bars using Chromachecker Capture software. ChromaChecker supports all color bars, all presses, and all instruments making it the optimal system for color quality control checking, correction, and reporting.

  • The starter kit provides the target and white/black backing for ensuring the instrumentation is ISO compliant and the environment is within manufactures specifications. Also included in the kit is an E-Factor printed exercise for establishing an appropriate tolerance for acceptable color shift for your production environment.

  • This tutorial shows you how ChromaChecker can monitor environmental conditions to ensure environmental manufacturers temperature and humidity requirements are met.

  • This tutorial demonstrates how to configure ChromaChecker Uploader to use ChromaChecker Print Inspector for analysis

  • How to configure ChromaChecker to use Capture for scanning a control strip to assess measurement data from your printer.

  • This tutorial shows the an advanced user how to configure the user interface with a custom dashboard.

  • This tutorial covers the Accountability Inspector to define staff and assignment of instruments, devices, light booths, plate setters, etc.

  • ChromaChecker provides a view for operators running printing devices to see the results of measurement data. This tutorial shows the Color Champion managing the system to setup access for the operators.

  • This tutorial shows you how an operator can create a Substrate Library. Substrate is the 5th color in printing so ensuring consistent substrate properties is one of the key areas for ensuring consistent results.

  • This tutorial shows how operators and management can receive real-time reporting. The operator can make press adjustments based on the feedback from ChromaChecker. In addition to the application, any web browser on a computer or smart phone can be used for this purpose.

  • This tutorial shows how to take a light reading using an i1Pro. Measures are uploaded automatically to ChromaChecker to ensure your viewing conditions are within the defined tolerance. This reporting is an essential part of ISO compliance for lighting.

  • This tutorial covers ChromaChecker Accountability Inspector for reporting notifications. Print Buyers, Management and Operators can receive reports for devices, locations and productivity that adhere to compliance and tolerances goals.

  • For Print Buyers and Printers today reporting on color quality is a critical part of communication. This tutorial shows how to create a Job Report using ChromaChecker's job reporting functionality. This is designed for both Print Buyers and Printers to best communicate color conformance and define processes that increase productivity.

  • ChromaChecker Capture allows for the scanning of control strips using hand-held and scanning instruments. This tutorial instructs on how to measure a Color Control Strip using an X-Rite eXact.

  • Chromachecker empowers the entire organization by communicating an Expectation Fator (E-Factor) reporting the consistency of the printing process.

  • This tutorial shows the simple operation of the i1i0 table using Chromachecker Capture software. The control strip consists of 18 spot colors and the G7 patches to iterate a G7 curve directly out of Capture. This creates a simple and automated process for operators to perform a quality check on G7, process colors and spot colors.

  • The tutorial shows how to connect the xRite ICPlate to ChromaChcker Capture - Follow the instructions in Capture to create a baseline creation and providing a Quick Audit. 20, 40, 60, 80% and example Fast Verification.

  • How to save a PDF file for use in the Named Color workflow with ChromaChecker. ChromaChecker is able to create custom lookup tables using device ICC output profiles. These tables are used to convert LAB values for each individual press to achieve the best match for critical spot color workflows.

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  • This tutorial shows the i1iO table creating a baseline using the S-42 target

  • This tutorial shows how to work with the Image Exercise to set color match expectations. E-Factor is used to evaluate process colors and the amount of color shift from one sample to another. This uses the Cumulative Relative Frequency of the 95th percentile Delta E.

  • The Virtual Control STrip allows you to define placeholder patches for spot colors. This allows you to have one control strip for indefinite named spot colors that get selected press side based on the spot color running for the job. If not spot color, it represents a blank substrate patch.

  • The ChromaChecker Dashboard is easily customized to meet your reporting needs. Dashboards can be represented for Organizational Overview, Location or Department level and Management level.

  • The Spot Color Exercise is an interactive way to communicate how Spot Colors will print and determine the Delta E difference that is acceptable. The exercise is an instruction and a practical tool for designers, print buyers, and sales for communicating color.

  • This tutorial shows how Chromachecker Capture scans control strips that include spot colors as part of your overall color quality control program.

  • ChromaChecker is the industry first Color Conformance Platform
    which enables a printer to establish their own capabilities and customer
    expectations and assess if the output device can meet their expectations. It is
    compatible with virtually any software that a printer is already using at
    proof and press, so operators don’t have to change the way they work.

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