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ChromaChecker – 5 steps to Color Conformance
for Design and Photography

1.  Standard

2.  Benchmark

3.  Adjust

4.  Track 

5.  Integrate

  • Determine Peron’s or Company’s Color Production Standard based on visual results quantified as numeric values to meet expectations.
  • Numeric value for process color production standard 
  • Numeric value for spot color production standards which is 6 times more precise than delta E.
    Image Exercise
    Spot Exercise
  • Benchmark existing monitors and printers to verify precision and accuracy
  • Learn which devices are most out of alignment, 
  • You may need to adjust the Production Standard number to be higher or lower based on how the majority of your devices are performing. 
  • Create ICC Profiles for displays and printers to bring them into a precise and accurate condition
  • Track and report how each device is performing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, 
  • Create customer Job reports on how a job ran on every manufacturing device within the company, any where in the world
  • ChromaChecker benchmarks any new printer or monitor before they are brought on to ensure they can render color within companies production standards.  
  • Prevents serious loss of revenue due to device not meeting expectations


Top designers know that awareness and participation in the print and manufacturing process are critical for a smooth transition from creativity to production. What you envision during the creative process needs to be reproducible especially if budgeting is important. Communication between the design phase and print production phase helps to eliminate the most common difficulties proactively. It’s safe to say that the creative processes start today at the monitor with a dependency on the material used for the final product. The approval process will work its way to a production environment that has inherent limitations that will impact both quality and cost. ChromaChecker brings color communication to the design level with functionality that allows for communicating color using a Virtual Print engine that is aligned directly with the profiling in production. Designers are able to manage Color Libraries in ChromaChecker and provide centralized sharing of color definitions using CxF4 formatting, testing the print profiling process, and receiving feedback regarding the potential shift in color during printing or manufacturing of products.    ChromaChecker also provides the ability to read any surface to receive color specifications for analysis at the product level. This start to finish analysis provides the designer with confidence and insight into the represented color and how it will be reproduced. 


For whom?

  • Graphic Designer - especially working with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign... - for upgrading to top-professional level, including advanced soft- and hard-proofing, color libraries, and data exchange...
  • Industrial Designer - when dealing with textiles, paints, plastic, or printed colors
  • Interior Designer and Architects -  for creating color libraries and creates 
  • Light Designers and Engineers - for light measurements
  • Photographers - to get control of the Display and Printer, check lighting conditions and understand color better.

Designer CC Toolbox:

  • Color Inspector - creating color palettes, tracking color differences, exporting libraries to Adobe Apps
  • Substrate Inspector - creating libraries of substrates
  • Lighting Inspector - analyzing Lighting Conditions
  • Display Inspector - calibrating, profiling a verification of the Displays,
  • Print Inspector checking the quality of prints, creating printer ICC profiles, 
  • ICC Profile Inspector - comparing ICC Profiles

Key Benefits

  • The user may be a professional partner for high demanding customers ready to exchange advanced data
  • System imports and exports a lot of industrial data formats including CxF, CGTAS formats for color definition (references and measurements)
  • The workstation can be certified as a soft-proofing, hard-proofing station.
  • The User can share professional data with others.
  • We offer a super-low-cost solution for hard-proofing.
  • Learn and improve your skill in quantifying color differences based on E-Factor Exercises, Spot Color Exercise, and Image Color Exercise.

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