Print Manufacturing


ChromaChecker – 5 steps to Color Conformance
for Printing Organizations

1.  Standard

2.  Benchmark

3.  Adjust

4.  Track 

5.  Integrate

  • Determine the shop's Production Standard, very customizable
  • Numeric value based on visual expectations
  • Works for both process color and spot color
    Image Exercise
    Spot Exercise
  • Benchmark existing printing devices – verify precision and accuracy
  • Learn which devices are most out of alignment, 
  • May need to adjust the Production Standard number to be higher or lower based on how the majority of your printers are performing
  • Adjust the printing devices that are out of alignment using G7 Curves and or ICC Profiles to bring the device into alignment
  • Iterate G7 Curves without performing dedicated press runs
  • Create ICC Profiles to control printers
  • Track and report how each printer and operator is performing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Automatically sending reports to management and operators to provide continuous improvement
  • Create customer Job reports on how a job ran on every printer within the company, anywhere in the world
  • ChromaChecker benchmarks any new printer before it is bought to ensure it can integrate with the existing printing devices within the shop 
  • Prevents serious problems due to printers not meeting expectations
  • Ensures printer has sufficient gamut and throughput to meet customer expectations

Color Conformance Platform

ChromaChecker centralizes all color communication and empowers Print Manufacturing. This platform is unmatched by adopting industry standards to achieve predictable, consistent, and accurate results;  monitoring process, and eliminates waste which improves companies profitability in today's market.

Assessing print to a Production Standard using Pass/Fail criteria directs operators and management to keep the press running when it's within expectations and stop the press if the output is failing. Using a number based visual expectations allows the organization to ensure jobs are salable.  

  • Establish the printer’s color quality capabilities, and communicate to entire organization: operators, sales, management, customers
  • Know when “color match” production is salable 
  • Meets customer’s expectations the first time, every time



Provides print operator with Production Standard pass or fail 

Easy for operators to know if Job is salable 


ChromaChecker serves production by providing tools to quickly pinpoint errors and generate G7 curves and ICC profiles to fix accuracy between substrates and align devices. It also centralizing libraries for substrate, instrument performance, spot color libraries, lighting, and displays. In addition, ChromaChecker provides custom targets allowing for the tightest and flexible tolerances possible.  Chromachecker is the most advanced platform for manufacturing jobs that are color critical.



Control of the conformity of production between printing devices/production departments






Centralized Color Platform that ingests color data and exports reports and analysis which includes:

  • color variation and deviation
  • creating press calibration curves - (TVI or G7 Inspectors)
  • creating ICC Profiles 
  • process-control 
  • performance and salability 

Supplemental tools provide a more accurate picture of the production process.

  • Plate Inspector - traces plates production
  • Lighting Inspector helps to keep standardized lighting on press consoles and QC departments
  • Environmental Inspector is monitoring RHT parameters
  • NIP Inspector documents NIPs
  • Accountability Inspector grants access to the system for operators and managers
  • Performance Inspector helps to create a birds eye view of the entire Organization



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