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NIX Spectro 2

$1,199.00 / with Color 120


NIX Spectro 2  with CC Capture works with

  • Color Inspector 
  • Substrate Inspector
  • Print Inspector
  • Instrument Inspector

NIX has a robust metal enclosure. Glass lens protects the instrument from dust. Temperature compensation makes it usable in most environments, not only in the laboratory... The instrument comes with a shock-resistant protective case. Additional adapters are available as an option. No longer does the spectrophotometer have to stay crisp, clean, and stationary. The Nix Spectro 2 includes an automotive-grade black powder coating and no moving parts. Meaning it’s dust, water, and scratch-resistant exterior allows you to move out of the lab and into real life.


Technical specification

Parameter Value
Repeatability (Short Term)* 0.05 ΔE00 on white
Inter-Instrument Agreement** 0.35 ΔE00 average, 1.0 ΔE00 max
Optical Geometry  45º/0º ring illumination optics
Aperture 2 or 5 mm diameter (different instruments)
Spectral Range 400 - 700 nm
Spectral Interval 10 nm
Light Source High CRI, broad-spectrum LED light source (White, Violet, and UV)
Illumination spot size 10 mm+ (0.39”) diameter
Measurement Conditions (ISO 13655:2017) M0 – UV included – ISO 13655:2017,  M1 – D50 – ISO 13655:2017,  M2 – UV excluded – ISO 13655:2017
Sensor  Diffraction grating with 288-pixel diode array
Measurement speed 1 reported scan/second 
Connectivity USB Cable, BT*** 4.0
CC Capture support Windows 10 • Apple Mac
Dimensions 45mm X 60mm X 60mm (1.77” X 2.36” X 2.36”)
Weight 110g (3.9oz) (Accessories not included in weight)
Materials Durable, matte black powder-coated aluminum enclosure
Haptics Vibration feedback, RGB feedback

*  D65, 10°, to mean of 10 measurements every 3 s on white, at a temperature of 23ºC

** deviation from Nix Sensor Ltd. standard unit at a temperature of 23ºC on 12 BCRA tiles (D65, 10º)

*** coming soon







  • Tempered glass protective lens
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Hardpoint for braided aircraft cable attachment 

Case content:




 Optional adapters:

Nix QC Flat Adapter   Nix QC Liquid & Powder Adapters
Liquids and powders are typically challenging to measure accurately without a specialized container. Our Liquid and Powder Adapter systems allow for easy measurement of all liquids and powders, using standardized slides or cuvettes. These adapters ensure a flat, uniform measurement interface, meaning you can be certain all measurements are highly precise and repeatable.
  • Wines & Beverages
  • Stains / inks / dyes
  • Liquid foundation & other makeup
  • Honey
  • Blood
  • Cleaning solutions / chemicals
  • Spices
  • Soil
  • Coffee
  • Pigments
  • Concrete
  • Grains
  • pH testing and other chemical tests


Surfaces that are uneven, textured, plush, or soft can often be difficult to measure accurately. When the scanned surface has areas that are raised or lowered, light from the device will reflect at different points, and the values received will be swayed and inaccurate. To avoid poor scanning conditions such as those, the Flat Adapter can be attached to the bottom of the Nix QC. This creates a uniform surface scan with consistent and accurate results.

Use case examples

  • Fabrics
  • Carpeting
  • Skin
  • Food products
  • Agricultural products
  • Fur/feathers

Please note: With the Flat Adapter attached, you may see L-values that are lower than those seen without the Flat Adapter due to light geometry. If you are using a Flat Adapter to measure your products, it is important to remember to set the master color while using a Flat Adapter as well. This way, you are comparing apples to apples. 


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