May 10, 2022

Offset Benchmark - Test Form 2


For visual and numeric evaluation, this form contains content that is easy to visually assess and measure. This provides a report defining consistency and accuracy to colorimetric goals. This benchmark provides a lot of data in one test — accuracy to optimal colorimetric targets — and consistency within and between pages.


Print variations — the key to understanding repeatability/precision.

Within-page variations


The same control strip - in this case, minimal G7  — is repeated several times on the sheet. In a perfect world, all patches of the same kind should be identical - in the real world, there are differences. To perform objective analysis there is no aim value  - and all possible pairs - ten make static analysis of error distribution. 


For example Cyan patch comparison for 9 locations - 27 unique pairs. If we have a 4 x 7 layout number of compared pairs is 770

If applied control strip contains 21 patches (minimal G7) a single sheet means 16.170 compared pairs.  


From a technical evaluation of the press, it is important to know the repeatability and thus the predictability of the print. By using calibration methods and engaging color management, we can adapt the process to specific needs. However, if the press is doesn’t have consistently within the page, there is no way to correct it with software or curves, it has to be mechanically adjusted.



8-units double side press - single run

  side front front front front back back back back  
  ink K C M Y K C M Y  


6-units press - two separate runs 

  plate      1st run
ink K C M Y      
  plate      2nd run
 ink     C  M  Y  

 In the presented configuration, for units 3 and 4 we have data coming from two different runs - it helps to understand some issues that come from slurring/doubling problems. 




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