February 9, 2022

Offset Benchmark - Test Form 3

Test CC Form 3 checks the ability to print large solids as well as visual and numeric evaluation of potential unfavorable phenomena such as stains or banding.


As a typical press has more than 3 units, the easiest procedure is to use the first three units and then transfer the plates to unused units so that you can make short series using all units. It requires documenting which printing units of the press printed each sheet.

It is critical to carefully evaluate if the press is capable of printing large uniform surfaces ensuring visual and metric color consistency.

The procedure includes measuring 100C patch, 100M patch, 100Y patch, and gray folded with 75C66M66Y0K patch using the Color Inspector tool. Users will take multiple measurements from random locations and the use of automatic recognition (If using Exact) will make the measurements very quick.
It is also possible to measure small control strips with Print Inspector - one or both methods can be used - depending on individual preferences.


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