February 10, 2022

Mininal G7 - basic analysis

This is the most important part of Benchmarking. Perform this test when all press units are in a proper technical condition  (Test Form 1  should help to point and fix)

The key for the analysis is control strict - in this example, it is minimal G7 - that collects the most important information. To learn more about please consult our manual.


In the attached  (1000x700mm — 40"x28") PDF we have 4 rows and 7 columns - a total of 28 instances on one sheet

Thanks to repeated patches we can analyze all important parameters of the production.


Analyzed parameters

  1. Solid Variation for primaries C, M, Y, K,
  2. Solid variations for overprints CM, CY, MY, CMY
  3. Tint Variations dor Primaries
  4. TVI variations 
  5. G7 conformance


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