April 28, 2022

Accountability Inspector

The Accountability Inspector allows the administrator to assign staff responsibilities to printers, light booths, and measurement instruments. It also configures access privileges for operators as well as the notification reports for operators, managers, and executives. 

Each user receives a unique login that can be accessed from the login page, or from the iOS app and the Capture client software. This is customized to their responsibilities and provides a real-time dashboard, as well as key performance indicator (KPI), reports that show weekly and monthly performance for managers and operators' devices. 

All printing devices, lighting booths, instruments, platesetters, data loggers, and more are monitored and tracked to provide guidance for the organization transitioning from a “break-fix” approach to a “proactive” approach to maintenance and quality control. Example assignments include:

  • Ensure each instrument and printer is operating correctly
  • Ensure proper maintenance is performed at the appropriate time
  • Verification to meeting compliance requirements
  • Provide certification labels for audit purposes
  • Provide audits required for ISO 9000
  • Provide documentation for ISO 9000

1. Notifications

Informs the responsible person when a printer, instrument, or light booth is due to be checked for conformance. 

Benefits – Coupled with the green, yellow or red icon for every printer, instrument, and light booth on the main Print Inspector dashboard, managers can be assured that operators are routinely assessing these secondary variables that can greatly affect the salability of the print. In addition, it can eliminate sending instruments back to the factory once a year to ensure they are still operating correctly. Light booths are also checked routinely and bulbs will only be replaced when necessary, no more changing based on dates, but on performance which saves money, and eliminates old, inaccurate bulbs from influencing color decisions.


2. Reports

ChromaChecker provides three levels of reports for different people within the organization all related to continuous improvement procedures. 

Benefit – Weekly feedback with an eight-week trend line which shows how the printing devices under each person's responsibility performed over the past week compared to the company average with a trend line showing if the operation of the device is getting better or worse over time. 



  • This tutorial covers the Accountability Inspector to define staff and assignment of instruments, devices, light booths, plate setters, etc.

  • ChromaChecker provides a view for operators running printing devices to see the results of measurement data. This tutorial shows the Color Champion managing the system to setup access for the operators.

  • This tutorial covers ChromaChecker Accountability Inspector for reporting notifications. Print Buyers, Management and Operators can receive reports for devices, locations and productivity that adhere to compliance and tolerances goals.

  • For Print Buyers and Printers today reporting on color quality is a critical part of communication. This tutorial shows how to create a Job Report using ChromaChecker's job reporting functionality. This is designed for both Print Buyers and Printers to best communicate color conformance and define processes that increase productivity.

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