January 24, 2024

CC Champion Certification Program —Basic level

CC Champion needs to have a good understanding of basic tools. One of the most important practical skills is using CC Capture features. CC Champion should be able to create a custom Color Library, measure custom Lighting, perform G7 calibration of the press, and more. Basic experience with CC Display is also part of this certification program. Even if not all features are important in normal work, we want our Champions to learn about the potential possibilities. 


Why become certified? Here are some key benefits:

  • If your company wants to be certified, you'll need a CC Champion - someone who can implement the system and manage it.
  • You'll be able to work more easily and save time by using dedicated tools.
  • You'll be able to take care of your personal skills and become better for yourself.
  • You can allow your name to be published on the official CC Champion list at any time.




What do you need to get certified?

1. You need access to any supported instrument 

We recommend i1Pro 3  (or any older)  or Myiro-1 It can be ColorChecker Studio (i1Studio). Any of those instruments can measure prints, but also Displays and Lighting. That is important for CC Champion to get practical personal skills in all these areas.  If you don't have CC Capture yet, download it here.

Download CC Capture


2. Join a dedicated training program

 Click on the button to register a dedicated temporary ChromaChecker account - just for certification purposes.

Join CC Campion-Basic Certification Program

3. Follow a list of dedicated exercises - earn points

This is a set of tasks designed to understand features and earn points required to get a Certificate. Doing different tasks system is recognizing your activity and is counting points.  

CC Campion-Basic Exercises


4. Check your current Progres - fill in the gaps.

Certification Maturity Check


5. Additional steps that may help you


Join Community

Participate in Webinars

Join CC Color Conference

Watch training videos




When Basic seems to be not enough?

Once you are CC Champion Basic certified  you may want to extend your skills:

1. CC Uploader Master

The CC Champion has to prove the practical ability to set up Uploader to recognize more than one track. 


2. CC iSis Automator

This is a program where the CC Champion learns how to use iSis barcodes, including aliases to create advanced automation. Such skill is very efficient for Digital printing where more than one printer/ substrate is to be managed


3. CC G7 Specialist

ChromaCjecker offers a high-end G7 calibration engine certified by Idealliance. CC Champion that has deeper knowledge related to how to implement calibration 


4. Bar-code Automator

The CC Champion needs to have a CC-2D barcode reader and made several dedicated exercises, which will help understand how barcodes can make workflow work faster with reduces the number of errors.


5. QC worfklow Master

Based on both Print Inspector and Color Inspector - CC Champion learns more about Projects, tracking Spots, and tracking Substrates. 


6. Master of CC for Brand Solutions.

A set of exercises focused on PSP Inspector, Projects, Reporting and all elements of the ChromaChecker system where the Central Repository managed by the Brand Owner is shared with the production chain of Print Service Providers


7. Master of Custom Color Specification

If Standard D50 and typical 0/45° geometry are not enough. 


8. Master of soft-proofing and hard-proofing

CC Champion needs to have access to Proofer, Lighting Booth, and Softproofing Display


9. Master of Advanced Color Standards

The extended knowledge about tolerances, how to measure specimens, use Snowflake, Grid













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