January 18, 2023

CC Champion Certification Program (Basic)

Expected Knowledge and Practical skills:

1. CC Capture

The CC Champion has to understand the main features of CC Capture.

  • Create 3 different Operators account
  • Limit ( hide) unwanted Measurement Tasks for Operators
  • Measure Color Samples  using Start Variation QuickChecker tool
  • Create own control Strip and measure it. ( 5 samples from custom Spot Color Library + 40% spot tints + Substrate)
  • Barcodes in CC Capture  ( Scanning Template,  Job ID,  login to CC Capture)
  • Print Labels
  • Save Curves to Local Folder
  • Use all Sources of Reference in QuickChecker

2. CC Uploader

Ability to set up CC Uploader to work with any third-party software ( X-Rite i1Profiler, Barbieri Gateway, ... ) and successfully upload data at least to two different printing devices  and two different Tracks


CC Champion need to be able to create custom Color Library, Measure Custom Lighting , Perform G7 Calibration of the Press, Create Display Inspector Workflow, ... 


Certification Procedure

The recommended way it participating in Color Conference organized annually by ChromaChecker. The candidates will have trainings and workshops with directs contact with ChromaChecker Team.

1. Written Test based on content of on-line  Manual - required 75%

All question are based on the existing content of the user manual and it is mainly based on basic features, Inspectors and Tools.

2. System Check of CC Champion dedicated account

A  scoring system will be applied to most critical system components and total activity verified - more function activated  - better result. Account for this purpose require to be a separate and will be terminated after Certification.


 System Check





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