May 24, 2022

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Windows 10 • 32-bit Windows 10 • 64-bit macOS

1.0.3 (CC Uploader 1)

1.0.3 (CC Uploader 1)

1.0.3 (CC Uploader 1)

ALFA 2.0 build 113 • Win 10/11  ALFA 2.0 build 113 • Win 10/11 64-bit BETA 2.0 build 113 • Mac Universal


Please note 

Unexpected ALFA or BETA bugs may be undocumented yet. We kindly ask test users for help in identifying them so that we can introduce a stable version to the official distribution. New Uploader has a built-in "Send feedback" feature that makes this process easier.


2.0 version main features

  • New interface with Live preview and higher responsivity
  • The Task setup window allows a live preview of a task’s actions without real file movement and uploads
  • Rebuilt and enhanced support for remote SMB servers
  • Improved performance by full parallel processing of tasks and uploads
  • Feedback/crash window including an automatic system log for better support and easier bug fixes and improvements
  • Many bug fixes and stability improvements
  • RHT Sensor support
  • Ping Symbol on main window checks and informs on server availability regularly
  • Definable file handling for ineligible files
  • Optional automatic processing of existing files on application start
  • Support of client subdomains
  • Universal Binary for native Apple Mac M1 support


Planned for final release:

  • Auto-updater and -installer
  • Windowless mode with definable error notifications
  • Native Windows 64 bit version for full Windows 11 compatibility


Uploader Offical Beta version

  • Please note that Official BETA from build 112 has Auto-Update feature build-in. After installing the relaunch application or manually "Check For Update" (top menu). We are constantly working on new features and improvements. Always use the most recent version, please
  • Please Report potential errors - use the internal "Send Feedback" feature - attach additional files, and screenshots, and please describe errors as precise as possible  - that will help us fix potential bug
  • Please notice that the current CC Capture has "Log Window" and "System Log" - both bring a lot of technical data that can be very useful in troubleshooting.




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