April 28, 2022

CC Uploader

Basic CC Uploader features: 

  • The ChromaChecker Uploader application can monitor specific folders.
  • Only files with defined extension (.xml  .txt. svf  .csv, cxf .mxf  .lxf)  or with specific  permanent name will be uploaded (select one method per task)
  • Files can be renamed with a current timestamp plus an additional prefix can be defined.
  • Files from an Input Folder can be copied and or moved to the local Output Folder — this function creates a local backup for the measurements files. Remember ChromaChecker does not store original measurement files in native format - but extracts most data to keep in the database. Not all information from the original file is there. Local backup might be very useful for the user, therefore.
    To activate select Output Folder. 
  • At the same time, files will be transmitted using SOAP protocol to the ChromaChecker server
  • Each task has to be Active in order to operate (Active checkbox).
  • The application has an auto-mount feature that will re-establish network connection to remote hosts  (if remote folders are defined).
  • Local IT Administrators may want to lock the interface to prevent unauthorized modification.
  • The application has Automount feature that can reestablish local network connection for both Input and Backup Folders.
  • The proxy connection is supported.
  • Advanced file name filtering can be applied - a wildcard and RegEx make it possible to create automatizations
  • Auto-recognition can use "press name" and "substrate name" for selecting a proper destination for files (Note: this feature is not recommended as is slowed down by system crone)
  • The user may select Inspector to send data to. He can choose Print Inspector or Instrument Inspector today. 



  • It is a cloud-based application - a stable and efficient Internet connection is required for proper operation.
  • CC Uploader can be launched on both Mac or PC/Windows 10 computers
  • Typical HTTPS port (443) is used for SOAP protocol used for data transmission
  • Connection is protected by SSL Certificate.


  • This tutorial demonstrates how to configure ChromaChecker Uploader to use ChromaChecker Print Inspector for analysis

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