April 1, 2022

Installing Uploader

  1. Download the Uploader Software and complete installation. This software is included with your ChromaChecker license and is available on both Windows and Macintosh versions.
  2. The software can be loaded on any workstation and mapped to any folder on the network or folder on a local workstation. 
  3. Go to the Admin window and enter SOAP credentials — to confirm click on the "Check Connection button" - if your login/password combinations are ok and your subscriptions are valid corresponding information will be displayed. To get SOAP credentials — go to SOAP preferences set a password and save it.


  4. You may want to Lock the Admin interface to protect it from unauthorized changes. For security reasons, an Admin interface can be locked by a local IT administrator. 

  5. Add a new task and define its parameters.
  6. Using duplicate or new tasks to have multiple tasks defined to watch various folders for different print conditions. 

  7. Create another task if required. You may duplicate existing if just small changes have to be applied.

Once the task is defined and saved a current status is displayed on the main application window. It is important to understand the meaning of icons


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