April 21, 2022

Regular expression and wildcards

File Name Recognition Feature 

  • You may specify the filename that will phrase the naming convention. 
  • You may want to define the different tasks for the same subfolder.
  • In some situations, files use a naming convention that has to be filtered to select a very specific type of names
  • Using wildcards and regular expressions it is possible to create a formula for advanced data filtering

Wildcard example:

One subfolder can store measurements from different presses and different print conditions (substrates):





In this case, we can find the following strings:

-IC1- data from press_01
-IC2- data from press_02 
-coated_135-  substrate/print condition A
-uncoated_90- substrate/print condition B
-pvc-  substrate/print condition C 

a. To select all jobs from Press 01 printed on Coated paper  enter: 


b. To select all jobs from Press 01 printed on Uncoated paper enter: 


c. To select all jobs from Press 02 printed on PVC  enter: 


In this example, we have a wildcard selection "*" - means any value in the string. This is the simplest way to filter files by decoding the filename.


RegEx Example

To learn more about Regular Expressions consult one of the online manuals e.g. :


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