April 4, 2022

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Color Manufacturing

Color Manufacturing is enabled by being able to measure for Accuracy and Precision of the manufacturing process. ChromaChecker provides Print Inspector for the printing presses and Color Inspector for tracking specific colors such as Brand Color but also for tracking what we call Assets which are physical manufactured products.


  • The starter kit provides the target and white/black backing for ensuring the instrumentation is ISO compliant and the environment is within manufactures specifications. Also included in the kit is an E-Factor printed exercise for establishing an appropriate tolerance for acceptable color shift for your production environment.

  • Chromachecker empowers the entire organization by communicating an Expectation Fator (E-Factor) reporting the consistency of the printing process.

  • This tutorial shows how using the ChromaChecker Nano you can evaluate both the color and texture of a surface against a defined reference.

  • This tutorial shows how to work with the Image Exercise to set color match expectations. E-Factor is used to evaluate process colors and the amount of color shift from one sample to another. This uses the Cumulative Relative Frequency of the 95th percentile Delta E.

  • The Spot Color Exercise is an interactive way to communicate how Spot Colors will print and determine the Delta E difference that is acceptable. The exercise is an instruction and a practical tool for designers, print buyers, and sales for communicating color.

  • ChromaChecker allows you to track the reproduction of critical corporate colors using tools that allow you to define a color library for defining and sharing color definitions. This allows you to define the master color and track the color from design through production and check the reproduction along the way using LAB values, ISO ISO17972, and production Look Up Tables (LUTs)

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