April 28, 2022

Exchange Color Libraries with X-Rite eXact

Color Library can be exchanged in both directions. To download/upload color libraries into the instrument the user has to install X-Rite eXact Manager. This application exports and imports CxF file format.

1. Export CxF from ChromaChecker - upload to the eXact

Steps to perform:

  • Go to Instrument Inspector Assets
  • Select Color Library or Palette to Export
  • Click Export CxF on the bottom
  • Be sure to select the version that is fully compatible with eXact


2. Export from eXact Manager - upload to Color Inspector • Assets

Steps to perform:

  • In eXact Manager connected with the Instrument go to the Color Libraries tab and right-click on the selected item ( in this case — Sample Blue). 
  • Select Export Option
  • Save file
  • Import CxF in Color Inspector


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