April 5, 2022

Gamut volume evaluation

Gamut volume expresses with the number how big is color space that a given output device can support. The bigger is better - but when we are comparing two spaces not only size but the shape is important. CC Display interface enables to display profile 3-D render and makes it easy to compare with any other CMYK or RGB profile



In the following example, we can read that created ICC profile (PA322UHD) has 1.376.400 which is slightly larger than Adobe RGB with 1.325.000 additional two parameters - Coverage and outside show that those two profiles have some colors that only one profile can render.


How to define this task on the server

Go to pre-qualification and check the Gamut checkbox.


Add Calibration parameters but DON'T join this task with Profile Creation! The Gamut option creates a simplified profile (based on very limited data, not accurate for work , but enough to calculate gamut volume




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