November 14, 2022

ICC Profile Creation

Print Inspector enables the creation of an ICC Device profile. Both CMYK and RGB output devices can be characterized. 


Steps (basic CC-400)

  • Download  CC-400 (CMYK) or CC-400 RGB
  • Print it with color Management turned off. If your software doesn't support switch off you may use  Adobe Color Printing Utility to fix this.
  • Depending on the printing technology, wait for the print to dry perfectly. This takes up to several hours - we recommend at least 20 minutes for most inkjet substrates.
  • Launch CC Capture, go to Print Inspector, select Printing Device, Track, scanning template, then scan
  • Evaluate variation to be sure that your print is consistent, if so hit create ICC profile button.

Minimal data set and recommended charts for profiling.

Chromachecker offers two out-of-the-box solutions :

The user can open the corresponding dataset from the Public Library and add as many patches as he wants to create a profile with a higher number of patches =  improve accuracy.

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