December 13, 2021

ICC Profile Inspector

This section of Assets brings very important information for measurement evaluation. Target Aim Values are extracted from an ICC Profile. Designers create graphic layouts using an ICC profile. Separations are made by conversion to an ICC profile; pdf files are managed with color management engines where an ICC profile is a core source of information about colorimetric values. Instead of using theoretical values from the characterization data set Chromachecker system is based on what current workflows (Image Editing Software, Graphic Design Software, RIPs, Color Hubs, etc.) practically uses - ICC Profiles. 

ChromaChecker Print Inspector uses CGATS21_CRPC6.icc instead of CRPC-6.txt. On the same principle in the case of FOGRA.txt, we need ISO Coated v2.icc.


Extended profile description

ChromaChecker database collects not only ICC files but also some additional information related to them:

  • Characterization data set - data sets initially used for profile creation (e.g. CRPC-6.txt).
  • G7® compatibility - we want to know if the profile was designed for the G7® calibration method
  • Backing (if measurements were captured on black or white backer) In most cases white backing was used but not in all).  If you capture IT-8.7-4 test form on Image Control by default scan is made on the black console! The most current common characterization data sets are white backing. 
  • The coordinates of the substrate in an opposite backing. If captured data comes from white backing measurements – the system will expect colorimetric coordinates of the substrate on black backing.  It is necessary if for example production measurements are captured on black background (e.g. Intelli Trax, Image Control...) – and ICC profile is white backing (e.g. CGATS21_CRPC6.icc) for additional SCCA recalculation.
  • Measurement conditions used for data capturing - It is important to remember that different measurement conditions can produce quite different readings, especially when substrate contains a large amount of OBA's. (high value of Fluorescent Index or OBA Index). Be sure to use the same measurement condition for both measurement and target values.
  • TVI curves ( C, M, Y, K) - As defined in PSO (ISO12647-2) for TVI calibration method is required to specify target densitometric curves. In ISO standard, there is a set of predefined curves. In the case of the G7 calibration method, those fields can be skipped
  • Source - We collect information about the profile vendor/creator and where the profile comes from - we expect a link to the vendor's web-site.
  • Description - in many cases, there is additional information published by the provider about an actual print condition, and e.g. settings for the black generation policy, total ink limit, etc.

Public (ICC Profiles) Library 

We offer easy access to a variety of standard profiles. Data are organized by subdirectories - ordered by the vendors. Go to Public Library, select proper Directory, select wanted files from the list, and press the "Import" button. From this moment, all imported profiles are available in "My ICC Profiles."

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