January 28, 2023

ISO 3664 Lighting Condition Audits limitations

There are a couple of methods to create an ISO-3664 Audit

  • based on Lighting Inspector  in CC Capture
  • creating measurements with CC Display
  • Manually uploading data into Lighting Inspector

Full ISO-3664 Audit

Note that the ISO standard requires measurement in whole spectral bandwidth 300-740 nm with a spectral resolution of 5 nm

Most popular instruments on the market don't cover such a spectrum! The table below shows those  parameters 

  Instrument CC Capture CC Display |—> <—| resolution sampling
  ISO 3664 specification     300  780 5 nm  
1 X-Rite i1Pro family + + 380 730 10 nm 3.5 nm*
2 Konica-Minolta FD-7   + 360  730 5 nm  
3 Konica-Minolta Myiro-1   + 360   730 5 nm  
4 GL Spectis 1.0 , 1.1, Spectis Touch 1.0     340  780   1.7 nm
5 GL Spectis 1.3     340 750   1.7 nm
6 GL Spectis 4.0 UV-VIS-NIR     200 1050   0.5 nm
7 GL Spectis 5.0 Touch VIS     340 850   0.5 nm 
8 GL Spectis 5.0 Touch UV-VIS     200 800   0.5 nm
9 GL Spectis 5.0 Touch VIS-NIR     380 1050   0.5 nm
10 GL Spectis 5.0 Touch UV-VIS-NIR      200 1050   0.5 nm 

 * data internally available only, not accessible to the user.

Note: GL Spectis family of instruments requires manual upload of measurement file exported by optional software: SPECTROSOFT.


Partial audit

Printing Industry has to manage the UV component of the light due to two reasons

  • most of the substrates on the market use OBAs 
  • some inks can be based on fluorescence phenomena

For both scenarios a UV component is converted into visible light and controlling the lighting condition also in UV-part is important, however, we have to remember that in a typical print-house environment we are probably using fluorescent tubes that have well-known emission of the UV components and optical brighteners are designed to utilize specific UV frequencies only. 

Knowing that we may decide to perform a partial audit based on non-fully compatible measurements. In the real world, it almost never happens that a partial audit will pass and a full not. It is because we are not using unknown sources of light!


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