February 1, 2022

Lighting Inspector

Light Inspector allows a company to measure and assess if the lighting conditions within the shop comply with ISO 3664 (2009). In addition, it will track the light source over time, taking out the subjectivity of having the bulbs changed every 6 months or 1 year, you can know for sure based on your tolerance and the light conditions performance if the bulbs need to be changed.

Also, ChromaChecker Light Inspector allows you to compare how a specific brand palette will render under any custom lighting condition to understand if the decision-maker can trust their eyes when judging color. Also, unique to Light Inspector, a company can compare how multiple light booths will render color compared to one another, which is critical when you are sharing print jobs between multiple locations and multiple printing devices.




  • This tutorial shows how to take a light reading using an i1Pro. Measures are uploaded automatically to ChromaChecker to ensure your viewing conditions are within the defined tolerance. This reporting is an essential part of ISO compliance for lighting.

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