January 28, 2023

ISO 3664 Audits

With some limitations coming from Instruments ChromaChecker makes it possible to create ISO 3664 Audits. 

The fastest way is to define new Lighting in Lighting Inspector 

Add a new light source

At this stage it is important to specify ISO conditions:

P1 - Critical Comparison Prints (2000lx) typical for press consoles or QC Stations

P2 - Practical appraisal of prints (500 lx) Lightboots especially as a component of the Softproofing Station





In short, Audit is a Lighting Evaluation repeated 9 times to check if specific requirements are met ISO requirements in nine locations on the table. 

The fastest way is to connect Myiro-1 or i1 Pro to CC Capture and take measurements - the whole process takes a couple of minutes. Before you made a series of 9 measurements check in the center of the area if it passes - do a single measurement.


In this example, we have a Hi-Quality LED spectrally calibrated lamp - with no problem it passes!

ChromaChecker can offer fully calibrated LED-based lamps for any size. 


In next step select Audit Template

And continue moving the instrument to the location shown on the diagram:

Finally, the simple audit report is displayed when 8 measurements are compared to the center one.



Expert View

Expert when logged into the website interface can see all details and timelines.


List view:

Audit Summary:


Single Measurements Details


and more...








  • This tutorial shows how to take a light reading using an i1Pro. Measures are uploaded automatically to ChromaChecker to ensure your viewing conditions are within the defined tolerance. This reporting is an essential part of ISO compliance for lighting.

  • Light Inspector – Overview to show how to qualify each Light booths precision and compare light booths to one another to assess accuracy between booths

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