April 29, 2022

Instruments for measuring Lighting conditions

A variety of instruments can capture Lighting Conditions. 


   i1Pro Myiro-1 GL-Spectis  Q-mini LxF
versions  ver. 1, 2. 3  

GL Spectis 1.0 , 1.1, 1.3
Spectis Touch 1.0, 4.0 5.0

vendor  X-Rite Konica-Minolta   GL-Optics  Broadcom  
mode direct to Cloud direct to Cloud  manual upload  manual upload  manual upload
software   CC Capture  CC Capture
CC Display
 Spectrosoft (export)  Waves (export .spz) i1Profiler 


 To learn about some basic instrument limitations please read the article here.


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