April 22, 2022

OK Sheet

You may turn any measurement into an OK sheet. This creates a reference target that can be used after a client has approved a press sheet during the run or if the job is run at a future date. There are multiple situations where you do not need to compare to a Printing Reference, but you need to compare it to a previously printed sheet. You can accomplish this by defining any sheet or group of sheets as an OK sheet, and then instead of the Print Aim being the ICC Profiler representing the Printing Reference, you can select the OK sheet and all calculations will be compared against this condition.

OK Sheets are not intended as the primary standard target for an organization as managing every press run independently from each other is not practical. They also are often determined by the press operator and the visual environment where the approval was completed so are very unpredictable. For this reason, the organization should have a standard target such as GRACoL and for unique purposes use the OK Sheet.


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