Environmental Inspector

ChromaChecker™ RHT Cloud DataLogger

To register new ChromaChecker™ RHT Cloud DataLogger there is a dedicated Setup Assistant.

The Device has built-in OLED display. Follow on-screen instruction for fast installation.


General rules on installation:

ChromaChecker DataLogger is used to measure temperature or relative humidity in place of installation. Temperature can be displayed in °C or °F, relative humidity: %RH. Communication with the device is established via Wi-Fi network. Inside the enclosure, there is a Wi-Fi antenna – mount the DataLogger keeping in mind that proper propagation of radio waves has to be assured. Do not install inside metal boxes.

The device contains no serviceable parts inside.

DataLogger is designed for online monitoring of temperature in °C or °F and relative humidity of air without aggressive ingredients! Don’t use the device in potentially explosive environments!
It is NOT recommended to use the device for a long time under condensation conditions. It could be the cause of water steam condensation inside the sensor’s cover into a water phase. This liquid phase stays inside and can’t  escape from the enclosure easily. It can dramatically increase response time. If water condensation occurs (for a longer time), it can cause sensor damage. The similar effect can occur under water aerosol conditions. Mount it far away from humidifier nozzles!


Technical Data:


  Temperature: Relative humidity 
Accuracy:  ± 0,55 °C – 0,15°C
see graph below
± 2,5 %RH from 20 to 60 %RH at 23 °C (73,4 °F)
± 3,5 %RH from 0 to 20 %RH at 23 °C (73,4 °F)
± 4,5 %RH from 60 to 100 %RH at 23 °C (73,4 °F)
see graph below
Range: -20 to +70 °C  0 to 100 %RH
Resolution: 0,1 °C (0,1 °F) 0,1 %RH


Measuring parameters range/accuracy is limited in accordance with the graphs below:


Wi-Fi module 

  • Mode: 802.11b/g
  • Channel 4 / Channel width :20Mhz
  • Band: 2.4GHz ISM
  • Max rate: 54Mbps
  • WPA2 (PSK)
  • Beacon Interval: 100 ms
  • Encryption AES + TKIP

Internal memory 

micro SD card - typical: 8GB class 4



55 x 80 x 18 mm
53 g (1.8 oz)




Display messages:

Properly configured and connected  

Factory defaults


AP mode (web-browser connected)




Connecting with the Internet






Menu (device's website)

AP mode menu



Internet connection Mode (Local) 

Home page

Device Setup


Wi-Fi Setup




Soap Setup




Firmware update