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Display Inspector License Comparison

1. Benefits/Unique features

  1. Easily configure that employees working on common projects use the same configuration - the operator can't override the setting. All measurements are made in a repeatable way and results are centrally reported.
  2. Doesn't require operator knowledge - only CC Color Champion has to understand the configuration 
  3. The system controls and supports an unlimited number of workplaces worldwide. Each Operator in any location can perform tasks at any time. 
  4. The Display Inspector dashboard allows management to see results on how all displays at any location perform - a big picture of soft-proofing in one view. 
  5. Ability to remotely compare displays in different locations which helps solve problems and manage resources


2. Tasks (workflows)

The Color Champion can define tasks - called workflows which ensure the desired display can meet the organization's goals. Typical examples are:

  1. Qualify- Checks monitor Uniformity - a critical hardware evaluation to ensure Display is capable of meeting job requirements.
  2. Calibrate - Configure baseline technical parameters based on a standardized process.
  3. Create ICC profile of the display (software support both hardware and software calibrations)
  4. Validate- Ensures display can simulate a given reference condition - e.g. GRACoL
  5. Evaluate- the ability to assess a predefined list of spot colors (brand/corporate colors, specific color palettes, or libraries to ensure they are within the gamut of the display. 
  6. Emulate pre-defined color space - to ensure the display can simulate a given reference condition.
  7. Compare measurement instruments and correlate the differences, to minimize the result display differences. 
  8. Measure ambient Light conditions
  9. Measure and control light in the Light Booth (control requires supported hardware)


3. Basic vs Pro - comparison chart

 Features  Trial Basic Pro


predefined only

Quick Gamut check

Uniformity test

predefined only 

Monitor profiling

demo mode

Ambient light measurement


Light booth measurement


Light booth remote control

picto-100-no3 picto-100-no3

Sensor compare

Sensor correlation

picto-100-no3 picto-100-no3

Emulation (CMYK and RGB profiles)


Emulation (nCLR profiles)

picto-100-no3 picto-100-no3

Verification - sample limit

predefined only 75 unlimited

Evaluatation - sample limit

predefined only 25 unlimited
Workflow limit predefined only  5 unlimited



 Predefined Trial settings

  1. Fixed calibration settings: L* / D50 / 160cd/m2
  2. Uniformity test limited to 3x3 grid
  3. In Demo mode, the user can perform profiling, see the report but an ICC profile can’t be saved
  4. Fixed, non-editable list of samples for both evaluation and verifications (demonstration purpose only)


4. Trials and licenses

Licenses are machine-ID based - a unique parameter that is tightened with a computer board.  You may have more than one monitor attached. If you need to test any feature a custom time-limited license can be granted. 

If you need to transfer an existing license from one computer to another e-mail us, please. A single active license can be assigned to a single workstation only.


5. About CC DIsplay app and Display Inspector

 The hardware compatibility list and more information about Display Inspector are available in the user manual.





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