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Digital Room Inc.

Established over twenty years ago, a leader in B2B online printing, Digital Room Inc has offered customized printing and marketing collateral to small and medium-sized businesses. Operating through a network of four manufacturing plants, the company prints and delivers over one million orders each year. They earned the trust of thousands of design and marketing professionals, with two-thirds of their business from repeat customers. 


Coburn Carton Solutions

For almost five decades Coburn Carton Solutions has steadily grown to provide the finest packaging to some of the world’s biggest brands with printing and folding carton solutions. Coburn’s breadth of expertise, technology, and experience provide the level of service their leading brands customers require for delivering carton solutions that command in-store attention.


Alder Color Solutions

Once I began using Chromachecker to create G7 Curves, I realized I could use their CC84 3 Row Control Strip to generate the curves which is MUCH quicker than measuring a P2P chart in Chromix. In addition, the end results were noticeably better. (…)

And that's just the tip of the iceberg with Chromachecker.







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