June 26, 2021

Brand Owners

Track Process or Product.

Choose one or use both.

Chromachecker provides brand owners with a unique solution that allows them to track brand colors using two simultaneous technologies. These technologies can complement each other at any time, giving data for reporting unique on a global scale.

The first method is dedicated to printing production and assumes that it may be interesting to assess not only compliance with the set goal but also with the simultaneous assessment of the possibilities of optimization and real assessment of the potential correction of the technological process. Many additional tools will, therefore, allow you to analyze the results of measurements carried out as part of routine production operations with minimal or almost zero involvement of operators in the control activities. The system can accurately evaluate not only deviations but also production variations but - when necessary, it can provide solutions to correct the technological process. In particular, when a brand owner wants to achieve the highest level of product consistency, they can use these solutions to correct the production process.

The second method breaks directly from the manufacturing process and focuses on product control. Here, in contrast to the first solution, measurements will be made specifically for the purpose of checking and documenting reproduction fidelity


Track Process: Print Inspector


Track Product: Color Inspector

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