January 28, 2023

Create a Library on the website

To create A Color Library on the website interface go to Color Inspector and select 

Assets Tab

then click on

Add New



Learn the difference between Library and Pallete here.

The substrate is optional - but most of ColorLibraries today are substrate dependent.

Such a Library is empty. Using the website interface there are a couple of possibilities:

  1. Import CxF file which contains Color Library - it might be exported from 3rd-party software
    Drag and drop the CxF file on the Upload icon.

  2. Copy existing Samples from other Libraries/Palettes already in CC Assets
    Open Library or Palette - select samples, click on the "Copy to Palette" button on the bottom

  3. Use CC Capture to Create Color References with one of three methods:

    a.  CC Capture Color Inspector - recommended if CxF/X-4  enhanced spot definition with
          (halftones  printed required)

    b. QuickChecker Scracthbook measurements
        — fast but might be less accurate - as single measurements may not reflect the sample properly

    c. QuickChecker Start Variation tool - the best way to create an average from measurements
        — instant variation analysis ( sample uniformity/homogeneity).

  4. Make manual input (Lab values only). We do not recommend this method.
    Add New Sample button opens dialog box:

 To understand why Lab input is not as good as spectral multi-measurement data learn more:


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