April 6, 2022


When ∆E is not good enough, generate Snowflake

Color consistency is critical for building a strong brand; the tolerance needs to take into consideration two variables, first, it defines the level of perceived acceptable deviation from reference, and secondly, it should be verified to ensure it can be reproduced in the print/manufacturing process, not all print processes are capable of rendering color to the desired tolerance. The Snowflake allows the user to define the acceptable level of deviation from the reference color. The Snowflake provides a three-dimensional comparison of the reference for each axis independently, separately for larger values, and separately for smaller ones. The Snowflake accurately reproduces (on the screen or on print) the color deviations and allows the user to determine the allowable tolerance conditions for each of the six-axis.

Please notice that the steps on each axis id are different, but the visual results are similar

Printing of Snowflake would appear to be simple, but ensuring the result is accurate is very demanding.  In order to create a printed result to be trusted for a visual decision, it is required to display and/or print this Snowflake very accurately. 


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