January 17, 2023

Exporting Advanced tolerances to your X-Rite eXact

Once you enter tolerances in the system, you may export your library to a CxF file format that supports the extended definition. The user may select a file format that fully transfers tolerances to eXact internal memory. Learn more about how to set this feature in Color Inspector. 



Xrite eXact can support most tolerances types, including Snowflake (∆Lab); however, there is a significant limitation. 


eXact's Snowflake tolerances have to be symmetrical!

This means instead of 6 values :

+L, -L, +a , -a. +b  -b, 

There are three:

±L, ±a, ±b


Steps to export

  • Create Color Library or Palette
  • For each sample, define individual tolerances.
  • Export CxF in a file compatible with eXact
  • Import CxF into Instrument using eXact Manager (eXact 1) or eXact 2 Suite (eXact 2)

The following example shows ∆Lab ("Symmetrical Snowflake") in eXact 2 Suite:


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