April 5, 2022

High Quality Profiles for extremely demanding printing tasks

When creating a perfect Device ICC Profile is the KEY to success.

We recommend building a new ICC Profile on the same substrate that you are needing to print your key brand colors on immediately before printing the Snowflake graphics on your printing device. You want the printer to be as accurate to the ICC Profile as possible. This is useful for printing accurate Fan-book and other high-end color tasks.



  • Calibrate, qualify and profile printing system by creating the highest quality ICC profile. Select substrate and inks that gives the best gamut and is inline with the actual production work required to print the reference colors.
  • If creating a stand-alone reference, select slower but more accurate printing settings 
  • For a more accurate ICC profile use as many color patches as possible, TC1617 (IT7/5) target is a good choice but might be not enough - do not try to save time on this step.
  • Extend the list of patches with colors that are in your color library (use the LUTs tool to get the list of color coordinates) 
  • If profiling software makes it possible to apply iterations
  • For more accuracy use 16-bit profiles and set a large table size during profile creation. 
  • Average multiple targets when creating a new ICC Profile. Don't just print one target. 
  • Be sure to use the same M-condition that is intended in actual production or customer specified.
  • Avoid smoothing the data since it will reduce accuracy.  The profile may render "smoother" but you will lose accuracy in regard to rendering specific color values.

Important Note.

It is possible to tune your proofer to get E-Factor about 1.0  — that means that 95 percent are below ∆E, 1.0, but some of your target color samples might be in 5% where error can be much higher. if so — use isolate hard-to-print colors and using Grid option create corrected "fake" samples. We have separate documents on how to do that.  


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