July 21, 2022

NIP Measurements Instruments

The ChromaChecker NIP Inspector tool supports the Nip Control Systems Measurement products including the Nip Width Indicator and the Nip Pressure Indicator. These products provide a digital measurement for ink roller stripe and cylinder pressures, two variables that greatly affect dot gain (TVI) variations. The Nip Width Indicator eliminates human subjectivity in regard to using a persons eye to determine the ink stripe and a persons ability to estimate what a 4mm or 5mm stripe looks like. The Nip Pressure Indicator allows for the first time to measure the actual pressures exerted by the plate on blanket, which has no relation to the blanket height (which is the only value that can be measured), but it is not relative to the forces at play when the plate makes contact with blanket. Only the Nip Pressure Indicator can determine what the pressure is, and gives the user ability to optimize the pressure to minimize friction and electrical usage.


  • This tutorial demonstrates the use of a NIP Width Indicator gauge for setting the Nip Width of the ink rollers on press. Uniform ink stripes are critical for consistent and uniform printing.

  • This tutorial demonstrates using low and high-pressure NIP pressure gauges to set the cylinder pressure on the press. Uniform pressure is critical for consistent and uniform printing. Most presses are over pressed, and this unit allows the units to have minimum pressure that still provides good ink transfer. This is critical to minimize friction which minimizes heat and reduces electrical usage.

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