January 28, 2023

TC-1617 — IT8/7-5

It is a modified version of IT8/7-4 developed by Ideallinace. Now it is designated as IT8/7-5 Characterization Standard. (CGATS 21/ISO 15339).

In the past two versions exist - Horizontal (TC1617H) and Vertical (TC1617V) - where  G7 patches are on one of two edges of the test form.


IT8.7/5 (TC1617x) Horizontal IT8.7/5 (TC1617x) Vertical

Both control strips are available to import from ChromaChecker Public Libraries (Idealliance section):

 Control Strip Public Library    Scanning Template Public Library


TC-1617 — IT8/7-5   is used for Audits/Benchmark of:

  • Proofers
  • InkJets
  • LFP
  • Digital Printers

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