January 6, 2023

CC Control Strips and Charts

ChromaChecker has developed a variety of control strips optimized for specific tasks. Many of them are unique and offer correction capabilities and reports not available from any other solutions. 


Multipurpose control strip for overall system analysis,  effective and simple G7®, and TVI calibration with basic variation analysis and visual indicator. This target is available in 1 to 6 row (3 rows shown) configurations that allow for different sizes to fit into live work for conventional press runs which eliminates the need to conduct dedicated press runs for G7 or TVI curve iteration.
It contains 84 patches and is optimal to examine G7 compliance, curve iteration, and E-Factor. CC-84 combines various features with a reasonably limited number of patches offering optimal effectiveness. To better understand why it is ChromaChecker's basic control strip click here.

Minimal G7

For everyday production, it is hard to place full-sized control strips. We have designed this small control strip that can be placed in line with real jobs. The reduced amount of patches and small size gives an opportunity to locate this target in gaps. Additionally, some available audits use a test form where Minimal G7 is positioned multiple times across a sheet. This provides for intra-page variation analysis and tracking uniformity. It can be easily extended to support additional spot colors.  To learn more about click here.


VI-816 is designed to assess the within-page variation of any printing process. This target includes all the patches from a P2P with many duplicate patch values positioned across the sheet to quantify within sheet variation. This test form contains all patches required to create and analyze dot gain and G7® calibrations.  VI-816 was developed for digital presses and should be run to qualify the within-page uniformity of any printer and be printed before any attempt to profile or G7 curve the printer. Read more about VI-816 here. 


Multipurpose single page chart designed for:

  • Variation evaluation
  • Gamut Evaluation
  • G7 Curves
  • TVI Curves
  • ICC Profile Creation

CC-400 RGB

RGB chart for creating RGB ICC profiles with integrated RGB variation test


The user may need to adopt a control strip or chart to specific requirements. Please consult Capture Inspector to learn how to create adit or manage assets. 

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