November 4, 2021


This is a set of 3 pages dedicated to portable instruments capable to measure in spot mode only like NIX or Spectro 1.
The purpose is to create an RGB ICC Profile using CC Capture.

Print form

This form is designed to be printed on A4 or Letter size sheets.






 Important notes:

  • Make sure that your printer is in optimum perfect condition (no clogged nozzles, paper, and ink that you plan to use, etc.)
  • Save your printer setting as a preset (in the print driver) to use exactly the same parameters for future prints.
  • Print all pages with Color Management turned OFF
  • Make sure to let the prints dry and do not touch (most ink-jets require at least 20 minutes)
  • When measuring prints use a flat surface and proper white measurement backer, and try not to touch the colored areas




The user may print PDF but it might be easier to use Adobe Color Print Utility that accepts TIFF files only.
Click here to download CC-RGB TIFF files.  A PDF file is attached at the bottom of the page.


Need more knowledge?

You may find the following topics interesting...

Take into account:

  • Whenever any printing parameter is changed - a new ICC Profile has to be created
  • Each type of substrate requires a dedicated ICC Profile
  • Understanding Rendering Intents is a key to controlling color. 
  • Wet prints change colors in most cases. Wait until they are dry for profiling.


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