October 27, 2021

X-Rite eXact

  • Supported instruments:  X-Rite eXact/eXact Scan — Premium or Advanced version.
  • Modes: Spot, Scan (depending on instrument version)
  • M-Condition supported: M0, M1, M2, M3 (M3 not available for Xp version)
  • Inspectors: Print, Instrument, Color, Substrate


From November 2018 X-Rite manufactures eXacts with new firmware 4.0 

All Instruments dated or recertified by X-rite after this date have new features that make measurement faster and more accurate. The user may upgrade firmware himself - but n order to take advantage  INSTRUMENT HAS TO BE SEND TO X-RITE FOR RECERTIFICATION. Some hardware changes are required to complete this upgrade!

ChromaChecker recommends upgrading Instrument to the new version - Capture is capable to take advantage coming from it.


Benefits from M1-Part2 upgrade

The instrument can measure All M-condition in one pass - Activate function, turn knob into ZERO position and CC Capture will control M-condition according to your track preferences automatically. 

  1. Measure sample for your Color Library in all M-conditions in one step (PC- Scan and spot, Mac Sopt only mode)
  2. Create Substrate definition for Substrate Inspector in one step. 
  3. Print Inspector will select proper data to match your track preferences without operator intervention (Scan mode on PC only)
  4. Substrate button in Print Inspector will fully identify Paper (measure and compare OBA index and all critical parameters to Reference  stored in Substrate Inspector Library) - Substrate match to Reference report will be displayed
  5. Instrument Inspector now can create multi M-condition baseline or verify Instrument two times faster
  6. The new calibration is faster now (PC only)
  7. The operator doesn't have to measure paper before hand-scanning anymore and all readings are more accurate!


How to activate M1Part 2

The new or recertified instrument comes with M1 Part 2 export inactive. The user has to activate this function manually.  Notice that some 3-rd party applications may not work correctly with this feature.  Your CC Capture also requires an upgrade to version 1.2 in order to work properly.  Activation procedure - click here.

Features / unique benefits:

  1. Any Start/End - the user may start from the first patch or before, ends on last or behind the last one.
  2. Any Direction - the user may start scanning in the normal or opposite direction
  3. Bar-code support for Scanning Template selection and description.
  4. Quick Report on Instrument Display - the operator will gest Pass/Fail + E-Factor report immediately after calculation ( typically < 2 sec.)



  1. Activate M1 Part 2 function –  if not available send instrument for recertification for a free upgrade 
  2. Track your instrument with Instrument Inspector T-42 Target frequently.
  3. ChromaChecker Backer is strongly recommended - Errors caused by improper backing might be more than ∆E00>2 (tested on EPSON Standard Proofing Paper 205)
  4. The Calibration Standard (white plaque), as well as the optical path, have to be cleaned
  5. Launch X-Rite eXact manager (free utility) to check Instrument at least semi-yearly. Check for firmware updates.
  6. Make sure that your USB socket delivers enough power and you are using a high-quality connection cable.
  7. Be sure that environmental conditions (RHT) are in the recommended range.



  1. The current version supports only USB cable connection - BT coming soon
  2. Without M1 Part 2 upgrade – all multi M-condition measurements require that operator will manually turn the knob to switch between M1/ M0, M2, M3



  • ChromaChecker Capture allows for the scanning of control strips using hand-held and scanning instruments. This tutorial instructs on how to measure a Color Control Strip using an X-Rite eXact.

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