January 19, 2022

Environmental Inspector

This tool helps users to track the relationship between the printing process and the Environmental Conditions: Relative Humidity and Temperature. One or more dataloggers can measure RHT data and send them to CC Cloud.

General view - last week readings from both defined dataloggers


Detailed information from the past


Data-Logger is an automatic device that captures temperature and relative humidity in your production environment and transmits this information to the Cloud for further analysis. ChromaChecker Environmental Inspector controls data loggers in your plant and combines that information with other measurements (print Inspector/ Instrument Inspector). Data-Logger operates 24/7 and does not require maintenance. 


CC RHT USB Sensor CC RHT Cloud Data-Logger 3-d party data-loggers Manual entry mode

Driven by CC Capture
Modes: sensor and/or datalogger 

Requires Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
USB socket for power supply

Required support for the
SOAP protocol. 
CC Capture or 
Operator's Interface
CC Capture 
→ Setup Assitant  → Setup Assitant  → How-to user manual   → How-to user manual 



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