March 4, 2022

Understanding Calibration Modes

It is important to understand the types of calibration.

Hardware calibration

Some monitors (EIZO, NEC) are designed to be hardware calibrated. Such monitors are dedicated for professional users will be fully controlled by the software. All parameters are downloaded to the monitor and the user may just select preset.

Common displays have brightness knobs ( hardware or software).In some cases, the graphic card enables to control of some parameters, but some monitors independently may offer an extended menu, where the user can set up important parameters. 
There are so many combinations so the user have to learn what is his configuration himself


Most monitors on the market are not hardware calibrated. The consequence is that in this case, calibration parameters can/have been set manually or semi-automatic. At this point, the user has to understand that monitor brightness is a key parameter that software can reduce but never increase. If your goal is to set calibration to 160 cd/m2 the monitor brightness knob must be set to a higher value!

How much higher? The answer is not very easy because the next parameter is white point temperature. The key is to understand how the software can manage an improper white point.  Please read an article that explains how the software corrects temperature if you need more detailed knowledge or just set it to approximately to +10% value. Next, during calibration observe if it was enough. The margin is relative to the difference between native and expected monitor white points. During calibration software will report if the value is in the expected range. 

If you don't know what is e.g. 160 cd/cm2 you may use manual calibration. This method requires more attention from the operator but it is good for setting knobs to the optimal position. Please note that too high a margin value (e.g. +100%) causes software calibration is losing accuracy (especially when working on 8-bit workflow so it is NOT recommended. The best is minimal that enables white point correction in the next step



Hardware-calibrated monitors can't be calibrated with Manual Calibration mode! 



Software Calibration

Manual Mode 

 In this case,e the user will be asked to turn the brightness knob - and the illuminance value will be displayed 


Automatic Mode

During calibration  

Fast-Auto Mode




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