November 16, 2022

Variable Spectro 1 (Bridge)


Variable Spectro 1 offers unique Diffusion 0° geometry. This solution positions this device in a place where it becomes an instrument that fills the gap - diffusion chamber measures color without being affected by the gloss/sheen level. Spectro 1 Pro uses multiple light sources and sophisticated matching algorithms to produce exact color matches, reflectance curve data, and detailed color data for every scan.


Technical specification

parameter value
Repeatability (Short Term) 0.05 ∆E00
Inter-Instrument Agreement (32 Ceramic Tiles) 0.3 ∆E00 Average / 0.5 ∆E00 Max
Optical Geometry (Specular Included) Diffused / 0
Aperture 8mm Diameter
Spectral Range 400 - 700 nm
Spectral Interval 10 nm
Light Source Full Spectrum LEDs
Battery Capacity 200 mAh (-250 Scans) Per Recharge
Measurement Time 1.5 Seconds


  • How to save a PDF file for use in the Named Color workflow with ChromaChecker. ChromaChecker is able to create custom lookup tables using device ICC output profiles. These tables are used to convert LAB values for each individual press to achieve the best match for critical spot color workflows.

  • The Spot Color Exercise is an interactive way to communicate how Spot Colors will print and determine the Delta E difference that is acceptable. The exercise is an instruction and a practical tool for designers, print buyers, and sales for communicating color.

  • Color Projects – Tutorial that shows how to create a Project (and spot color definitions) within Color Inspector, and then how to use Capture to assess that the customers projects are meeting customer expectations.

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