September 21, 2022

CATZper to ChromaChecker transition

CC Capture has new capabilities designed to extend and replace the functionality of CATZper Software. To understand the transition the following table compares these two solutions.

Please note that CATZper was discontinued in June 2022 and Capture has replaced it.

Capture App
Target reference input      
   Spot Color Library
   RGB  Adobe RGB only
   ECG (nCLR)
 Sample evaluation       
  Spectral measurement-based
  Custom illuminant (lighting condition)
  Custom Observer
Chart Generator      
  Grid (Spot Color Matching)
  Variator ∆E
  Snowflake (Spot Color Tolerance)
Additional features      
  Direct instrument connection
   Tolerances saved in Color Library 
  Tolerances exported to X-Rite eXact
  Export to Adobe swatch (ase) soon
  Export to CxF
  LUTs file tuning (iterations)
  Batch processing
  Custom Logo   Custom Instance only Custom Instance only

To understand PDF output Color Spaces difference learn more here


  Follow the documents below to learn more about new CC tools:


Grid - Spot Color Matching Snowflake - Spot Color Tolerance Variator ∆E

Integration with Color Inspector

New tools are built-into Color Inspector. There are a couple of benefits of such a solution. 

  • Color Specification Custimasation
    The user can create any Color Specification by selecting measurement conditions, observer, and illuminant. That covers the expectation not only defined by the graphic industry but also color manufacturing - automotive, paints, textile, plastic, virtually any area.

  • Color Constancy Analysis - based on12 Standard Illuminants plus two custom Illuminants. A single spectral color sample can be evaluated virtually at any Lighting Condition. Custom Light can be easily captured with CC Capture, CC Display, or by manual upload. Learn more here. 

  • Metamerism Evaluation

    Understanding challenges coming from the metamerism issue is critical in most situations where different types of objects (made of different kinds of materials, pigments, colorants) have to match at various lighting conditions. 

  • Fluorescence Evaluation - some objects can contain OBAs (papers, textiles, plastics, paints...) - it might be critical to be able to manage phenomena of fluorescence. In some situations, Substrate Inspector might be a perfect supplemental tool.

  • Soft Proofing — CC Display is capable of evaluating of all samples from Color Library.

  • At Lighting — Lighting Inspector applied on entire Color Library

  • CxF data exchange, including a version with advanced stacked tolerances for X-Rite eXact 

  • Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ASE) export – exports color Libraries to Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator.



Limitation: Charts can be generated in PDF file format only.

SpotVar is working in various color spaces (CMYK, nCLR, RGB, Lab), therefore JPG, TIFF, and PNG formats are not supported anymore. The user may easily convert these PDFs using Photoshop to any other file format, but it requires a high level of understanding of color management (especially rendering intents). 






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