Compatibility list

Instruments and software compatibility list / manuals and downloads

In order to successfully exchange data with other users and provide a user community data average and to avoid errors generated by the data capture software; we strongly recommend to use the settings listed below (check this list for updates): 

X-Rite i1Pro 1 i1 Profiler 1.5.6   X-42, B-42  CxF +  
X-Rite i1Pro 1 UV cut i1 Profiler 1.5.6   X-42, B-42  CxF +  
X-Rite iSis, iSis XL i1 Profiler 1.5.6 X-42 
CxF *1 +  
X-Rite i1Pro 2 i1 Profiler 1.5.6   X-42, B-42  CxF *1 +  
X-Rite i1iO 1 generation i1 Profiler 1.5.6   X-42, B-42   CxF +  
X-Rite i1iO 2 generation i1 Profiler 1.5.6   X-42, B-42   CxF *1 +  
X-Rite Intelitrax IntelliTrax 1.7*3 I-42 
SVF  +  
X-Rite Exact X-Rite Exact Manager   X-42, B-42, I-42  CxF *1 + manual mode 
X-Rite 530 ColorPort 2.0.5 X-42, B-42, I-42 txt CGATS.17 + manual mode
X-Rite 939, (962,964) ColorPort 2.0.5  X-42, B-42, I-42 txt CGATS.17 + manual mode
X-Rite SpectroEye ColorPort 2.0.5  X-42, B-42, I-42 txt CGATS.17  + manual mode 
X-Rite DTP-70 *4 ColorPort 2.0.5  X-42*4 
txt CGATS.17 + manual mode 
Techkon SpectroDens Advanced/Premium  Techkon Spectro Connect 2.4 X-42, B-42, I-42 txt *2   manual mode
Techkon SpectroJet
  Techkon Spectro Connect 2.4     available soon         
Barbieri LFP  
Barbieri Swing
Barbieri Gateway 4.3 




Barbieri LFP  
Barbieri Swing
Barbieri Gateway 4.3

B-42, X-42



 *1 Multiple measuring conditions in a single file (e.g. M0, M1, M2)
 *2 Optional averaging feature
 *3 Software in version 1.6 or 1.7 enables  XRGA compatibility (strongly recommended), older versions are X-Rite Legacy.
      In the section labeled  “Data Transformation” there is an "Enable XRGA" check box – This needs to be checked

*4 In order to use wit DTP70 an ISis control bar has to be covered with white PVC film. Consult manual for details.

  – go to the manual

  – download setting for the software


Some additional instruments can be potentially driven with X-Rite ColorPort software to capture data for Instrument Inspector, but not tested yet. For beta-testers we provide following .xml files :

X-Rite SP-62,  SP-64:      |     X-Rite DTP-22:      |     X-Rite 938:  

As long as those instruments are not supported in Instrument Inspector pick X-Rite 530 instead. Please contact us to get free testing subscription. We are interested in your feedback.

Your instrument is not listed here? 

In most cases we can add instruments to the Instrument Inspector compatibility list. If software driving instrument is capable to export spectral measurement data to a readable file we can build import filter to our software. Please contact us for details.

Important notes about data capturing software


 Basic information about ChromaChecker™ Instrument Inspector
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