To drive instrument X-Rite i1 Profiler 1.5.6 ,   has to be installed first and dedicated .txf  file  copied manually to i1Profiler TestCharts folder

(Location: ..Application Support/ X-Rite/ i1Profiler/ ColorSpaceCMYK/ TestCharts)


 Launch X-Rite™ i1Profiler software. This software can be used in demo mode for data capture. Swich software to Advanced mode

i1Profiler Home Page

  Connect your instrument to the computer.  

  Remember to clean calibration plate (ceramic tile) before calibration. You can access calibration plate by opening instrument cover or opening calibration plate from the bottom of  the instrument. Follow manufacturers instruction about calibration plate cleaning procedure.
Be sure that instrument is not very cold or hot (store it in its recommended temperature range).

Cleaning instrument's rollers can be useful to ensure proper target measuring and protecting from dirt.  

  Go to Printer  / CMYK Printer / Profiling menu:

Advanced Mode

On the left under the Assets heading there is a list of Test Charts. Look for Instrument Inspector X-42 iSis 2.txf file. If not exist – right click shows folder location in the system. Use this folder to place downloaded .txf file


  Drag Instrument Inspector X-42 iSis 2.txf file from the Assets to the Test Chart Icon.

 On Printer Profiling Workflow (on the bottom) select Measurement

This window should report as displayed: Patch set =64 Test Chart =1 Measurements =?

 Select Dual Scan, next click Measure button to start data capturing. Insert target into ISIS using the left edge as the guide.

  When measurement completed successfully, save CxF file on your hard drive. Your data is now  ready for upload. Use naming convention with Device and target serial number in the name.

Save measurement as a CxF file (*.cxf)


   Upload data to your ChromaChecker account.




Go to compatibility list.






Instrument Inspector Manual


To use Instrument Inspector one of ChromaChecker™ Instrument Inspector
Targets is required. To buy visit to IDEAlliance


Instrument Inspector – How does it work?
Why use Instrument Inspector?
Instrument Inspector Target
Baselines and data averaging
How to start-up?
Instrument Inspector menus - how to navigate?
Easy mode / Expert mode 
Data sharing 
Instrument's comparison
Instrument’s compatibility list
General rules
Tricks and Tips




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