Barbieri LFP & Barbieri Swing

   Download settings files  for Barbieri Gateway v4.3 contains following subfolders and files:

Go to .. /Gateway/Chart/  subfolder (default location in user's   Documents   folder) and copy all downloaded files  into the corresponding subfolders.

 Connect your instrument and Launch Barbieri Gateway v4.3
        next go to Chart Measurement Tab

  Before using Spectrophotometer check if the optical path is free of dust and the instrument in good mechanical condition.

  Depending on Target and positioning mode select one of  Jobs:

       All: Chart Definitions, Measurements Settings and File Settings are defined there. 

  Place Instrument Inspector Target B-42 (optionally X-42) in your instrument.  Depending on instrument / chart holder you can use electrostatic mate or tape to mount it.

For autopositioning option following margins should be set.:

B-42 Target - autopositioning mode

 For manual positioning additional procedure has to be performed

B-42 Target - manual positioning

B-42 target has two sets of markers:

  • red - for Beriberi Swing 
  • green fo Barbieri LFP

Follow on-screen instruction for proper positioning.


X-42 Target - manual positioning mode

As X-42 is not a dedicated target for Barbieri Instruments it has no markers for manual positioning, however it possible to scan it with  Barbieri Gateway software. Virtual or hand drawn point has to be added in order to perform data capturing.

 Barbieri Gateway software is expecting capturing data set which count 48 patches, not 42. Six white patches on the top ofmain chart must be included!

Markers  location for X-42 Target:


Barbieri LFP                                                 Barbieri Swing 

For precision marker location please download 1:1 image file  

  Perform scanning  by pressing "Next" arrow.

  Save data and upload .mxf files to ChromaChecker account. Use naming convention with target serial number. 




 Additional information:

Chart Measurement - settings:

Chart definition:

Reference file: B-48.ref

Number of Patches X = 6
Number of Patches Y = 8
Number of pages: 1
Number of Patches 48

Chart size:

   B-42  X-42
Target size X= 84 77
Target size Y= 144 125

Multiple measurements per patch

Number of measurements = 1-10 (higher recommended)
Distance of measurements per patch 10
Average method =1





Instrument Inspector Manual


To use Instrument Inspector one of ChromaChecker™ Instrument Inspector
Targets is required. To buy visit to IDEAlliance


Instrument Inspector – How does it work?
Why use Instrument Inspector?
Instrument Inspector Target
Baselines and data averaging
How to start-up?
Instrument Inspector menus - how to navigate?
Easy mode / Expert mode 
Data sharing 
Instrument's comparison
Instrument’s compatibility list
General rules
Tricks and Tips




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