Web Browser Tester

Is your web browser Color Managed?


The sky is blue, a truck is red. If the images are not identical,
then your web browser doesn't support Color Management for RGB ICC (matrix) profiles.

If you fail this step, change your web browser to another one.
Without color management, you will be not able to use Personal E-Factor™ On-line test
or other: Spot or Image  ∆E Exercises. 



An example of no Color Management issue:


Does your web browser support CMYK or other LUT profiles?

Compare pictures:


RGB                                    CMYK 

Water in the background is blue. Are the two images very similar?
If you see green water, then CMYK profiles do not display correctly in your browser.

Most of the web browsers have problems with such profiles - and you probably failed it too.
Every time when CMYK content is being displayed colors can be changed dramatically.

ChromaChecker on-line tools don't require this feature - so even when failed

you can run
 Personal E-Factor™, Spot or Image ∆E Exercises. 


An example of Web Browser that doesn't support LUT profiles:


Is your monitor able to display wide gamut content?


The picture on the left side is low-gamut (sRGB), a picture on the right side is defined in ProPhoto RGB color space.
If displayed on wide gamut monitors you can see bright, saturated colors.
On low-quality monitors, the picture on the right side will be dark and grayish.



When Monitor is not able to display wide gamut content:


Wide gamut monitor is visible better for graphic applications.
It is recommended but not required for ChromaChecker tools. 


Compare your monitor gamut to sRGB

Compare gamut of different color spaces on your monitor? 
The more difference you can see, the further your monitor gamut is from sRGB.


An example when monitor gamut is reduced to sRGB:




 What is your monitor gamma?

Important notice: set your browser zoom to exactly 100%
(Doesn't work  correctly on the Retina displays)



 Monochromatic, neutral gradient?

Important notice: set your browser zoom to exactly 100%
(Doesn't work  correctly on the Retina displays)


Can you see near neutral monochromatic gradient (all gray) or colored stripes (bad)?
Move your head left to right and top to bottom.
Does viewing angle change the ability to see the gray/color ramps?

If you observe that pictures in this step are very depending of viewing angle, or you just see CMY or RGB patches
– your monitor is nor recommended for graphic applications.

We do not advice to run Personal E-Factor™ on-line test on it. 

Be sure to set Web browser zoom to 100%!
Some problems can be observed when running this test on Retina Displays - then skip this step


Bellow an example of the issue:



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