January 21, 2022

Go Digital

Depending on your measurement system/instruments couple of scenarios can be implemented.

  • factory built-in measurement system - e.g. HP  Indygo 12000/ColorBeat
  • XY automatic scanning devices (like X-Rite iSis, i1iO, Barbieri LFP,  Konica-Minolta FD-9, or others)
  • the hand-held instrument, driven by CC Capture

For all scenarios, CC Capture is the main Operator's application (for solutions like HP ColorBeat in Remote Instrument mode.


ChromaChecker offers two basic solutions for aligning the printing devices:  


Digital loves automatization - ChromaChecker offers state-of-art solutions

  • Barcodes help to select all critical parameters, describe,  and drive data to the proper place 
  • If your customer requires a QC label - a Dymo Printer or any other can print a custom report
  • Profiles or calibration curves can be automatically downloaded and integrated with a printing system (close-loop may require a Color Server or solution like Enfocus Switch).


Softproofing for Digital

With CC Display Inspector perfectly calibrated and profiled monitor with proper Lighting Conditions verified to match ISO-3664 are additional factors that can reduce potential color issues and improve communication with print buyers. It makes huge sense to match D50 in the area where print-buyer is accepting quality. A very good first impression is a key to customer satisfaction.


Variation analysis - a key to production stability.

Digital Printing can be very sensitive to variations. ChromaChecker developed tools that are focused on the advanced evaluation of this issue. Several test forms are created to control variations as the first qualifying step to most other tasks:

  • VI-818 — developed especially for Digital Printing, 11x17" page offers incredible accuracy.
  • Fast  CC-84 based Digital QC Page is very practical for handheld devices
  • CC-400 or CC-400 RGB are single-page Forms for variation analysis and ICC profiling




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