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Welcome to our new support system for our users. We decided to invite you to a new interface, which, in our opinion, should make access to information much easier. However, we are aware that the new system may not cover all important threads. Please inform us about any topics that are not currently documented, or the detail of information is not sufficient - we will do our best to fill the gaps efficiently.





 Print Manufacturing


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CC Products

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 Color Manufacturing


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 CC Control Strips and Charts

• Sample Print Inspector data

• Sample Color Library

• Sample Substrate



CC Capture

Windows 10 • Mac OS

CC Uploader

Windows 10 • Mac OS

CC Display

Windows 10 • Mac OS

CC Logger

Windows 10 • Mac OS



CC Connect


 CC Nano


Spectro by Variable 





Why do two instruments measure the same color sample differently?

Should I use M0 or M1 when measuring my prints?

What do I need to create an ICC Profile?


How I can test CC Capture for free?

What is the best Instrument for CC Capture?

How often should I measure prints from my output device?

How many G7 curves or ICC profiles do I need if I print on 20 different substrates?

Should I build an ICC Profile or a G7 curve to control the color on my printer?

What is the difference between purchasing a single printer license in ChromaChecker versus a Starter kit?








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